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Integrated Signal Systems in Vehicles: Enhancing Driving Assistance with Sensors and Processors 

In the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology, integrated signal systems have emerged as a game-changer in enhancing driving assistance systems. These advanced systems integrate various electronic components, including sensors, processors, and turn signal lights, to create a seamless and efficient driving experience.   Integrated signal systems in vehicles involve the integration of various electronic systems […]

Signal Processing on On-Board Electronics in Electric Vehicles 

On-board electronics play a crucial role in EVs by enabling precise control of the electric motor for improved performance and efficiency. Among the electronics are power converters, motor drives, and control systems that optimize energy usage and regenerative braking. Bi-directional charging capabilities allow EVs to serve as energy storage and stabilization resources for the grid.  […]

Importance of On-Board Electronics in EVs

On-board electronics are the backbone of modern electric vehicles (EVs), enabling advanced features, improved performance, and enhanced safety. These electronic systems and components are integrated directly into the vehicle, playing a crucial role in managing and optimizing the electrical energy from the battery to the motor.   Key Components of On-Board Electronics in EVs  Importance of […]

Achieving Versatility in EV Battery Connectivity through FDC

Overview In order for an electric vehicle to run, it needs various components, but among the most important is a flexible circuit, a type of printed circuit board (PCB) having a wide range of electronic applications.  As the name suggests, a flexible circuit can conform to various space limitations, sizes, and shapes (even irregular ones). […]

How Ennovi’s FDC Redefines Cost-Effective Circuit Design for EV Batteries

Overview Every electric vehicle needs a printed circuit board (PCB), upon which electronic components are wired into a single circuit that allows electric current to pass between them. While some are made with rigid materials, other PCBs are made with flexible materials. Flexible circuits, as they are called, will be the main topic in this […]

Game-Changer in EV Battery Manufacturing: Ennovi’s Flexible Die-cut Circuit (FDC)

Overview Electronically controlled automotives have come a long way since their inception. Today, electric vehicles control functions such as GPS, anti-lock brakes, and vehicle stability control, among many others. Continued progress in EV technology has given rise to the development of self-driving vehicles, infrastructure information sharing, automatic parking, and even major changes in the powertrain […]

The Role of Electronic Control Units (ECU) in Electric Vehicles

If the battery is considered the “heart” of your vehicle, then the electronic control unit may be considered its “brain”. Electric cars have come a long way from their first iterations, and among those innovations is the electronic control unit.  In this article, we will be covering what an electronic control unit is, what it […]

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Control Module: What Are They and How Do They Work

What is an electronic control module? An electronic control module (ECM)–also known as an electronic control unit (ECU)–as the name suggests, manages your electric vehicle’s (EV) subsystems.  It collects data from sensors situated in the engine in order to analyze the car’s performance in real-time. Based on this data, adjustments are made to improve fuel […]