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What are ENNOVI CellConnect-Round Plates?

Previously, we’ve discussed the components, functions, and manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries. However, some elements of the EV battery pack design must be highlighted, namely EV battery interconnect or cell contacting system plates.

This article discusses battery interconnects and how they function, with a specific focus on the ENNOVI CellConnect-Round interconnect system.

What are EV battery interconnect plates?

If an EV battery is the “heart” of your car, the battery interconnect or cell contacting system plates serve as the major “arteries” that optimize the flow of electricity into the car’s “circulatory system”. 

Just as constricted flow around your heart can cause major health problems, your EV’s health and performance can suffer if there are any blockages or bottlenecks in collecting electricity from the individual battery cells and moving power into the car’s electrical network.

Interconnect design considerations

The interconnect collector plate is a vital part of EV battery systems. Therefore, the EV battery interconnect system or cell contacting system should share the same rigorous design considerations as the batteries themselves.

Primarily, it should be capable of withstanding stresses and other environmental factors that the electric vehicle is often subjected to, while maintaining a small, compact shape with flexible components so that it will fit inside very tight spaces. 

Other important considerations include:

  • Robust collection of electricity from battery cells
  • Unrestricted flow of aggregated power into the EV’s electrical powertrain and systems
  • Flexibility to handle a wide range of battery sizes, number of cells and power output
  • Conformance to stringent automotive grade standards
  • Compactness
  • Lightweightness
  • High reliability
  • Robust design
  • Must have a failsafe
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Safety from short circuits
  • Withstand extremes of temperature

These factors and more can be found in the cell contacting system ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round.

What is ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round?

Ennovi, a global leader in customized application solutions in electric vehicles, developed the innovative ENNOVI CellConnect-Round custom battery interconnect system

The ENNOVI CellConnect-Round is used with cylindrical cells. Thanks to precision engineering, CellConnect-Round has uniform collector plates that provide a thin, lightweight, yet robust packaging.

Among its unique features is its U-Turn design that enables great current density spread. Current density is defined as the amount of electric current flowing through a conductor per unit value of a cross-sectional area. A uniform current density extends the lifespan of battery packs as it lessens stress on individual battery cells, thereby improving your EV’s performance. CellConnect-Round is also designed to handle any size module, attachment method, cell type or other special features.

The ENNOVI CellConnect-Round is capable of meeting the design requirements of a growing variety of EV and other applications (e.g., land and maritime transportation, wind energy storage). In order to meet the requirements of these complex applications, the EV battery interconnect system is customizable, enabling the individual battery cell arrays to efficiently connect with current collectors. The CellConnect-Round may also include a customizable lead frame interface which connects to the battery management system. 

Finally, its modular design makes the CellConnect-Round capable of incorporating passive and active component placement, including the majority of positive and negative interconnects, signal interconnects, cell holder designs, fuses, and thermistors.

Is ENNOVI CellConnect-Round sustainable?

The sustainability of ENNOVI CellConnect-Round as a battery interconnect system lies in its versatility. It is customizable for a wide range of design requirements across a broad spectrum of applications, including electric transportation and energy storage solutions. The battery system, in particular, comes with integrated control board interconnects and pluggable multi-module expansion capabilities.

This results in zero emissions. Sustainability is also enhanced because all of the high-precision design elements in the ENNOVI CellConnect-Round interconnect system are integrated and well-organized. 

ENNOVI CellConnect-Round features

Let us take a look at the various features of the ENNOVI CellConnect-Round Battery Interconnect System:

  • Customizable single and multi-layer current collector designs for reliable and longer-lasting performance
  • Supports a wide variety of current densities and cell array configurations
  • Laser-welded and wire bond attachment options 
  • Tight-tolerance current collectors 
  • A variety of options for module-to-module connections 
  • Sturdy and robust packaging formats for environments with high vibration 
  • Seamless integration of active and passive components for EV battery cell monitoring and overall safety. This includes fuses, thermistors, majority of positive and negative interconnects, signal interconnects, cell holder designs, or circuits and/or harnesses connected to the control board.

The ENNOVI CellConnect-Round interconnect system can be used in an extensive range of applications, including:

  • Automotive – Electric vehicles, automotive power systems
  • Commercial Transportation – Buses, trains, subway systems
  • Maritime – Electric boats, ferries
  • Personal Mobility – Motorcycles, electric scooters, bicycles
  • Energy – Solar energy storage, wind energy storage

Build a more resilient future with ENNOVI CellConnect-Round

ENNOVI CellConnect-Round is revolutionizing the EV industry by providing a scalable, customizable solution that addresses the critical needs of battery connectivity and efficiency. 

As the EV market continues to grow, technologies like CellConnect-Round will play a vital role in shaping the future of transportation, offering promises of extended driving ranges, enhanced battery longevity, and a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainability.



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