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Lamination Technology

ENNOVI’s lamination technology considers robustness, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to produce current collectors in cell contacting systems (CCS) that lasts the entire lifetime of an EV.

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Minimizing Thickness, Maximizing Precision

As CCS designs move from bulky plastic trays to using advanced lamination approaches, battery makers can reduce costs, create thinner CCS, and maintain close tolerances for accommodating larger battery packs.

Choice of Hot or Cold Lamination

ENNOVI’s extensive research on adhesives, foils, and processes enables tailoring of best choices for each project.

Faster Development Time

Our proven technology, vertically integrated production and precision processes lower costs, simplify logistics and reduces development time.

End-to-End Partnering

Instead of starting from scratch with each new design, our proven best practices and core technologies provide a head start on fast time-to-market.

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Tailoring the Right Processes for Every Project

Our investment in building a broad database of pre-tested foils and methods provides a major advantage for our customers at the design inception stage and all the way to full production. Starting with thoroughly tested alternatives helps avoid any dead ends or restarts throughout the development cycles.
Does not support
Tolerancing of collector pockets
Provides some resistance
Stretching of glue & foil
Cell positioning
Small cylindrical cell sizes
Larger cell sizes

How it works

  1. PET Top Layer
  2. Adhesive
  3. Current Collector
  4. Flex Circuit
  5. PET Bottom Layer

Product Applications

Hot lamination applies both heat and pressure to cure and set the adhesive layer whereas cold lamination only uses pressure.

While hot lamination is more costly, involves more production steps, and takes more cycle time than cold lamination, the ultimate test is the quality and robustness of the end-product for specific applications.

ENNOVI offers all three approaches, plastic trays plus hot and cold lamination to serve the diverse needs of our customers in the EV and battery manufacturing sectors.

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