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Patented ENNOVI Press-Fit Technology is a solderless interconnect system validated to meet IEC 60352-5 and IPC-9797 standards, in high-stress, high-temperature applications.

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Solder strength without solder issues

ENNOVI Press-Fit components offer highly repeatable, RoHS compliant solderless assembly. With unmatched electrical and mechanical characteristics, they avoid quality problems associated with solder – such as cold spots, voids, splatter and cracks.

Performs in high temperatures

High normal force interface enables movement to accommodate CTE mismatch, providing excellent performance during high temperature cycling conditions.

Repeatable. Reliable.

Press-Fit offers strong, solder-free, repeatable, and highly reliable interfaces with high normal forces​.

Whisker mitigation

We offer IndiCoat™ whisker mitigation electroplating technology as a finishing option for all Press-Fit components.​

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The solder-free alternative

Designed for reliability and assembly-friendly contacts, ENNOVI Press-Fit technology provides a high-endurance, highly flexible electro-mechanical interconnects system without solder.

How it works

  1. Compliant high normal force technology
  2. Whisker mitigation option

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Technical specifications

Technical resources link to download the datasheet and other documents related to this product
Product Family Press-Fit Type Picture Finished PCB Hole Diameter (mm) Insertion Force1 Push-out Force1,2
0.4 miniPLX
Ø0.55 - 0.65
≤ 100 N
≥ 15 N
0.4 miniEON
Ø0.55 - 0.65
≤ 70 N
≥ 15 N
0.4 EON
Ø0.75 - 0.83
≤ 70 N
≥ 15 N
0.64 EON
Ø1.0 - 1.1
≤ 100 N
≥ 30 N
0.8 EON
Ø1.45 - 1.55
≤ 180 N
≥ 60 N
High Power
1.2 EON
Ø2.0 - 2.1
≤ 180 N
≥ 60 N
1 Sn plated Press-Fit, Imm. Sn PCB of thickness ≥1.6 mm
2 After storage at room temperature for ≥24 hours
*all specification values indicated herein are within typical value range; actual specifications depend on end appliucations and requirements

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