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EHS Audit & Compliance

ENNOVI Environmental, Health and Safety Audit
& Compliance

ENNOVI’s global EHS Audit program provides a means for objective assessment of the adequacy of EHS risk management at the site level. Our EHS audits add value by:

Site Compliance

Corporate requirements for ENNOVI EHS programs place an emphasis on effective management systems for identifying and managing risks and potential environmental impact.

The resulting Corporate EHS Standards include specific management system standards, structured to closely follow the ISO 14001:2015 framework. Our robust internal EHS audit program thoroughly checks implementation at the site-level to ensure this is done adequately. It provides assurance of robust EHS management systems at all sites audited. Interplex recognizes that external certifications — such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 — are important in assuring performance.

We strongly encourage all business units to operate externally certified systems, as these certifications bring valuable benefits to our sites such as reduced workplace incidents and accidents. We believe in holding our sites to uniform standards, and it is our intent to have all our facilities maintain compliance with International standards such as ISO Certifications.

OH&S Certification Target is 50% of our manufacturing facilities to be certified ISO45001:2018 by 2026.

Compliance with all environment, health and safety laws and our internal EHS Standards is imperative for our business worldwide. ENNOVI is committed to maintaining compliance with environmental regulations mandated by local and federal requirements.

These include (but are not limited to):
We are dedicated to maintaining full EHS compliance; where potential non-compliance is identified, prompt correction is expected and enforced. Internal EHS Standards and routine internal audits assist in maintaining compliance and providing a strong driver for continuous improvement.

Standard & Certifications