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Saw Something Wrong? Speak Up.

Conducting Business with Integrity

If you ever have a concern about unethical, illegal or unsafe activities in relation to our business, do not keep it to yourself. Discuss it with your manager or supervisor. Alternatively, you can

Reporting Online via NAVEX Global Website

The NAVEX Global microsite is hosted on a third-party, secure server which is maintained by or for NAVEX Global and is not part of the ENNOVI website or intranet.

Click on the links below to visit the NAVEX Global microsite in the language of your choice.

Reporting by Phone

Regardless if you are a customer of ENNOVI, or if you are an employee, we urge you to speak out on concerns over unethical, illegal or unsafe activities in relation to our business.

ENNOVI employees should discuss any concern with managers or supervisors. Alternatively, you can make a report at the NAVEX Global microsite by clicking on the relevant links below; or use the ENNOVI Ethics Hotline, operated by NAVEX Global, to make a report.

Reporting by Phone

The toll-free numbers below are available if you want to file a report by phone. If your country is not listed, reporting by phone is not available for your location. Please file your concern online at

Please note, however, that throughout much of the European Union and the surrounding areas, only reports relating to limited topics can be made through this whistle-blowing hotline. If you would like to report an issue or concern relating to a topic which is not listed, please contact your supervisor, manager, a representative of the Human Resources or Legal Departments, or the Data Protection Officer at as appropriate, with details of your concern.