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Electrify faster. With ENNOVI

We understand that EV makers are looking for improved methods for designing and producing EV batteries, which are typically the largest and most costly element in an EV.

ENNOVI’s engineering team has developed new battery innovations for cylindrical and prismatic cells that greatly improve performance, and reduce time and costs. All with minimal impact to the environment.
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Join us at Booth 8-A20 to hear from our experts.
Busbars in Accelerating EV Innovation
Discover how advanced busbar technologies are shaping the future of electric vehicles with improved efficiency and performance.

18 June, 11:30 – 11:45 AM
19 June, 11:30 – 11:45 AM
Solderless Assembly Made Simple: ENNOVI’s Press-Fit Solutions for Precision and Reliability
Learn how the Press-Fit technology can simplify the assembly process while ensuring high-precision and reliability in electric vehicle components.

18 June, 14:30 – 14:45 PM
19 June, 14:30 – 14:45 PM
Sustainable Savings: ENNOVI’s Cell Contacting Solutions
Understand how battery cell contacting systems can contribute to sustainability and cost savings in electric vehicle manufacturing.

18 June, 15:30 – 15:45 PM
19 June, 15:30 – 15:45 PM

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Cell Contacting System for Prismatic Cells

Today’s prismatic cell assembly approach uses cell contacting system (CCS) technologies that have matured but also have some built-in inefficiencies.

Our ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism, in combination with FDC Technology, enable cost-effective creation of circuitry on the cell contacting system to integrate components and interfaces to support battery monitoring and management.
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Talk to us at the Battery show Europe 2024​
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Join us at the Battery Show Europe– Booth # 8-A20 in hall 8

Messe Stuttgart

Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany

18 – 20 June 2024

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