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Cell Contacting System for Prismatic Cells

ENNOVI’s innovative prismatic cell contacting system, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism, helps reduce the total cost of battery modules and packs.

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Greater Cell Densities at Lower Cost

For EV makers, the battery pack is both the largest and most costly element in the vehicle. By combining multiple-step processes into a one-stop lamination process, our ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism eliminates multiple processes to reduce cell contacting system costs by up to 15%.

One-stop Lamination Process

The combining of multiple processes into a single patent-pending one-stop lamination step reduces battery assembly time and costs.

Greater Flexibility and Choice of Cell Types

Streamlining assembly for prismatic cells gives EV makers a wider range of choice to leverage gigafactories producing high volumes of prismatic cells on the global market.

Low Profile Insulation Material

PET is used for the dielectric layers on low voltage circuits, high voltage current collectors and terminal busbars, removing the need for other insulation materials.

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Enhanced Integration of Multiple Functions

Our ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism, in combination with FDC Technology, enable cost-effective creation of circuitry on the cell contacting system to integrate components and interfaces to support battery monitoring and management.

How it works

  1. One-stop lamination process for laminated layers
  2. Laminated layer with low profile material
  3. Data collection media
  4. Current collector


In today’s global EV ecosystem, automotive manufacturers need flexibility to choose from a variety of options, including different cell types. Our ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism helps them optimize choices while also lowering battery production costs.
Battery systems in cars, buses, trucks, subway systems, motorcycles, bicycles and maritime vessels designed with prismatic cells

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