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Cell Contacting System for Cylindrical Cells

ENNOVI’s innovative cylindrical cell contacting system, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round, achieves excellent current density spread. This helps to extend the lifespan of battery packs by reducing the stress on the individual battery cells.

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Optimization for Li-ion batteries

Design complexities. Assembly efficiencies. Space constraints. ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round is designed to overcome them all. We give it a thin, tough structure, yielding excellent current density spread. So you get consistent performance. And super-efficient, low-loss energy transfer.

Outstanding current density spread

With patented U-Turn technology, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round makes sure current density is distributed as evenly as possible and for multiple configurations.

Supports various designs

Flexibility to create designs for battery modules or new advanced cell-to-pack and cell-to-chassis configurations.

Weighs little, acts tough

Despite being especially thin at 0.17mm - 3mm, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round is tough enough for large current collectors, up to 2.5m long.

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A U-turn to get round hot-spots

EV batteries tend to develop hot-spots across conventional collector plates. ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round gets round this with patented U-Turn technology that yields uniform distribution of current density. And by reducing stress on individual battery cells, U-Turn helps batteries perform better, go further and live longer.

How it works

  1. Dielectric layer
  2. Current collector
  3. Data collection media
  4. Battery cell holder
  5. Battery cells


Like all ENNOVI components, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Round is suitable for numerous EV applications. It integrates seamlessly into an organized system and can be customized to your specifications.
Battery systems in cars, buses, trucks, subway systems, motorcycles, bicycles, maritime vessels.

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Technical specifications

Technical resources link to download the datasheet and other documents related to this product
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Current CollectorsAL1000 Series, C1000 Series, Nickel​Top Mating Busbar
Dielectric LayersPET, PI​
Battery Cell HolderPPA, PC/ABS, Nylon 6, PA66, PBTService temperature
Surface Treatment of Current CollectorNickel plating option
Flammability RatingUL 94 V-0
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Battery Cell TypesCylindrical
Battery Module Connection TypesNut/bolt, pin/socket, custom configurations possible
Current Collector Sizes (Length)100mm – 2500mm​
Current Collector Thickness0.254 – 3mm
Cell Terminal Thickness 0.125 – 0.3mm Laser Weld: Terminal thickness <0.3mm
Wire Bond: Various thicknesses possible
Cell Terminal Positional Tolerance:±0.127mm
Dielectric Layer Thickness0.1 – 0.3mm Pressure-sensitive and thermal-activated adhesive
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Battery Module Voltage12 – 800V and higher
Battery Module Capacity50 – 400A
Battery Module Energy0.60 – 48kWh
Module-to-module Connections<400A, off-shelf or customized
Current Density<15A/mm², maintaining <60°C with cooling
Dielectric Strength of Insulation Materials<7.5kV/0.025mm, ASTM D149
Dielectric Continuous Use Temperature<220°C
Voltage Sense Line<2A, 50V Flex printed circuit
Temperature Sensing4.7kΩ at 25°C, thermistor placement
Overload Condition<200% for 10s without degradation
*all specification values indicated herein are within typical value range; actual specifications depend on end appliucations and requirements

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