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FDC Technology

Flexible Die-cut Circuit (FDC) Technology is designed with a flexible flat device with copper traces created through a sustainable, continuous die-cut process, that provides a cost-efficient wiring option.

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Cost-efficiency in every connection.

While Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) have commonly been used for electrical connections within the battery interconnect system, it is the single most expensive component within the application. ENNOVI’s FDC Technology is a cost-friendlier and sustainable alternative, with fewer manufacturing processes, making it faster to produce, at a lower cost.


Cost savings of 25% - 50% are achievable without compromising on technical capabilities.

Faster cycle time

Reduction of 50% manufacturing process steps in comparison with FPC.

Easy to recycle

Our FDC embraces sustainability with a recyclable process and facilitates the recycling of clean copper waste material.

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Same technical capabilities at a different price

With our FDC, cost savings of 25% – 50% are achievable without compromising on technical capabilities. This makes ENNOVI’s FDC Technology ideal for a myriad of low voltage solutions.

ENNOVI FDC Technology

How it works

  1. Dielectric layer
  2. Connector
  3. Traces
  4. Fuses
  5. Thermal sensor
  6. Current collector tabs

Product Applications

Our FDC approach is suitable for traces that are 0.35mm and above. The size and trace design can be customized for your end applications.

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