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High-Pin-Count Solutions

High-speed signaling in robust packaging: our High-Pin-Count Solutions brings dense pin-counts to your
small-footprint applications.

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For tight spaces. And tighter deadlines.

We know that for your applications, it’s not just space that’s at a premium. Our design supports a wide range of configurations that aren’t just flexible when it comes to size – they’re also quick to fit. Giving your assembly speed a boost, too.

Flexible. Functional. Adaptable.

Our designs use an open standard interface, giving you a flexibility that caters to all kinds of applications and production volumes.

Meets standards. Exceeds expectations.

We meet all stringent automotive manufacturing standards. And, with a dense pin-count in a robust housing, our High-Pin-Count header delivers highly impressive, high-speed signaling in high-stress conditions.

Ingenuity goes in. Sustainability
comes out.

Despite their intricate and robust design, we make our High-Pin-Count headers with an innovative tooling process that reduces wastage. Benefitting your applications. And our planet.

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Reliable, even when the environment isn’t.

Addressing space constraints in high-density applications with a compact, pluggable header that delivers reliable connections in harsh environments.

Our product offering

High-Pin-Count Header

Integrated High-Pin-Count Connector

How it works

  1. Housing
  2. 0.4 EON/0.64 EON Press-Fit pins​
  3. Keeper plate for pin positioning​


Like all ENNOVI components, High-Pin-Count Solutions are suitable for EV applications. They integrate seamlessly into an organized system and can be customized to your specifications.
ADAS control units, safety control units, vehicle control units, body control units, in-vehicle networks, safety systems

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Sustainably does it.

We believe sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we are committed to reducing our environmental impact across all our manufacturing plants worldwide.

Discover more about how we are putting our dedication to responsible manufacturing into action.