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Controlling Emissions for a Cleaner Climate

As part of our operations, Carbon Dioxide is inevitably generated through our combustion of fuels to generate electricity. As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, Ennovi strives to reduce our carbon emissions and offset our carbon footprint where possible.

As a forward-thinking leader at the forefront of trends, we have led the way in technology innovations for over 60 years. Simultaneously, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our technological expertise and commitment to the environment work hand in hand to deliver our top-notch solutions globally while meeting emissions-reduction targets, working towards achieving our long-term goal of sustainable development.

At present, we have already embarked on a journey to improve our energy consumption – through energy conservation efforts, improving operational efficiency, using more efficient equipment, installing solar panels and upgrading our lighting fixtures. This is just the beginning; we are also dedicated to offsetting our carbon footprint via these operational initiatives and more.

How Do Trees Contribute to the Environment?

Since 1990, worldwide carbon emissions has increased globally by 63%. A single mature tree can help to alleviate this, absorbing as much as 22kg (»48lbs) of CO2 per year.

They also bring about other benefits, such as:

  • Improving water quality – Their intricate root systems act as filters, helping to remove pollutants.
  • Preventing soil erosion – They slow down water absorption into the ground, preventing erosion, floods and landslides.
  • Encouraging sustainable forestry – Sustainable tree farming provides timber for buildings and heating purposes; fruit trees provide humans and animals with access to food.

Ennovi’s Tree Planting Initiatives

We aim to actively make contributions to a cleaner, greener environment by promoting the planting and fostering of more green spaces at our properties and within our local communities.

We have set out to accomplish the following targets by the end of 2022:

  • Plant an additional 1,000 mature trees at our global properties
  • Plant 20,000 trees within our local communities through targeted partnerships

Latest Updates

The 23,159 tress on Interplex properties and sponsored by Interplex as of December of 2022, have an estimated sequestered CO2 equivalent of 908.98 tonnes.

RegionExisting Trees at Our Global PropertiesNew Trees Planted at Our Global PropertiesNew Trees Planted at Local Communities
South Asia12012842146
North America2309126560


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