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Ennovi’s Tree Planting Initiatives Progress

As of Q1 2020, we are making good progress in our global initiatives. Our tree-planting projects in our facilities in China, Vietnam, India, and Scotland are well underway, with 529 trees already planted thus far.

Tree-planting in Interplex PMP Limited (Scotland, UK)

Tree-planting in Interplex Metalforming (Shanghai) Ltd. (Shanghai, China)

Climate Change

Interplex recognizes that climate change is one of the biggest threats of our time. We plan to plant one million trees across our properties and in their surrounding local communities to contribute to cleaner environment. As at the end of 2021, we’ve planted about 20,000 trees.

Renewable Energy

On top of initiatives to improve our energy efficiency, we have also begun harnessing clean energy across our facilities to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We have already installed solar panels on 37% of our facilities in China and are continuing to put up solar panels at one facility in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to reduce 3212 tons of C0z emissions by end of financial year 2022.

GHG Emissions

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are primarily focused on purchased electricity and fuel consumption. We currently measure, monitor and review these emissions at our manufacturing facilities and offices. Since 2016, we’ve reduced 13% in tons of C0z, emitted per sales dollar. 

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