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Phase Busbar

ENNOVI Phase Busbar systems are the tough, durable answer wherever you need a multi-phase power interface between AC outputs and almost any type of electric drive input.

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Concentrated ingenuity

ENNOVI Phase Busbars can integrate control circuitry directly into the busbar assemblies – increasing functionality while minimizing size, weight, and complexity. Customizable to your application, options include laminate magnetic cores, current sensing, gaskets & cured sealants, high performance plastics and connections to motor stators, inverters, and drive modules.

Popular. Proven

With their outstanding performance and design flexibility, our busbars have a proven record, and are already being deployed by many manufacturers in EVs across the globe.

Made for your application

Great design flexibility means ENNOVI Phase Busbars can made to your specification, like being co-designed to connect directly to Motor Stator Busbars.

Time saving

Enhanced performance eliminates wiring errors and reduces assembly time on the production line.

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Less weight, more options

Your application brings weight and space constraints. That’s why our Phase Busbars delivering enhanced connections. In the smallest applications and harshest environments.

How it works

  1. High performance resin
  2. Multiphase power interface
  3. Sealed connector housing
  4. Current sensing: integrated laminate 
 magnetic cores
  5. Bolted, brazed & laser welded 


Like all ENNOVI components, Phase Busbars is suitable for EV applications. It integrates seamlessly into an organized system and can be customized to your specifications.
Power distribution in inverters
High-voltage traction drive motors, integrated drive modules, low-voltage motion control, servo-steering motors

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