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Flexible Busbar

Vibration absorption, thermal expansion and assembly tolerance: our compact, flexible busbar design handles the big demands your applications require.

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Flexible. In more ways than one.

EV power connections demand excellent vibration and shock absorption. Our flexible busbars more than meet that challenge, with improved electrical conductivity with robust mounting strength. And they’re not just designed to flex: they also have the flexibility to be customized to your application.

Tough design for tough conditions

The flexible component of our busbars consists of multiple foils welded to a solid mounting. Maintaining flexibility for easy bending - and a solid fixing for tough conditions

Soaks up vibrations. And more.

A tough design makes our busbars extremely durable - perfect for wherever heavy vibration or pronounced thermal expansion occurs.

Highly conductive. Highly efficient.

High conductivity lamels provide high power transmission - and in turn, increase power efficiency.

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A U-turn to get round hot-spots

EV batteries tend to develop hot-spots across conventional collector plates. Cell-PLX™ gets round this with patented U-Turn technology that yields uniform distribution of current density. And by reducing stress on individual battery cells, U-Turn helps batteries perform better, go further and live longer.

How it works

  1. High flexibility with custom configuration
  2. Stacked lamels


Like all ENNOVI components, Flexible Busbar is suitable for numerous EV applications. It integrates seamlessly into an organized system and can be customized to your specifications.
Power distribution in inverters
High-voltage traction drive motors, integrated drive modules, low-voltage motion control, servo-steering motors

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Technical specifications

Technical resources link to download the datasheet and other documents related to this product
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
MaterialLayers of Cu/Al
PlatingSn, Ni, Ag
Thickness (foils)50 - 300 µm
Insulation (optional)
MaterialHeat shrink flame retardant PVC
ColorOrange, Black (standard) - Other colors on request
Operation temperature-40 °C to +105 °C (optional higher temperatures)
Operating voltageTypical 1000V AC / 1500V DC (insulation depending)
Length10 – 50 mm (weld length up to 50 mm)
Width1 – 10 cm
Total thickness0.5 – 10 mm
*all specification values indicated herein are within typical value range; actual specifications depend on end appliucations and requirements

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